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Principles to Paradise

There are opposing forces beyond what we can physically see & it is undeniable that good and evil exist all around us.
If you follow each force to it’s extreme, on either side of the spectrum, you arrive at ultimate good and ultimate evil.

Thinking about it for any length of time, you will eventually come to the logical question… Where did those forces originate from and how do they work, either for us or against us, in our everyday lives?

It won’t take long to find stories of a battle between good and evil represented in the belief of a creator God and our adversary Satan.

God YHWH (“Yah-wheh”, the ultimate good) has given us all the freedom to choose from either side of the spectrum by pulling from & applying everything good into our lives or pulling from & applying the evil (bad) side to make those our every day normals.

There are laws that were put into motion that, if you follow the principles of those laws, you will benefit greatly,
those are following the way of YHWH.

Ansel Adams, a famous photographer that put together what’s called the “zone system”, a spectrum of light and dark that explains how to expose a perfect picture.

Just like to believe in Ansel Adams, and the zone system that he put into place, & study his principles, you will see an amazing difference in your photography.

The same with the creator of this universe and His principles, if you put your belief in Him, turn from your old ways, study His ways & actually apply them to your life, you not only will live a fulfilling life here on earth, but it will also extend into eternity.

He is perfect and demands perfection, but we, as humans, will never fit into the category of perfection, so YHWH, in his infinite grace, sent a perfect substitute, Yeshua, to be a sacrifice, standing in our place so we wouldn’t have to pay for our imperfection by eternal death.
So to accept His merciful gift, and show appreciation for it by a changed life means that you can enjoy eternal life in a place called paradise.

Notice I did not say that it would be problem free, but your focus will be totally different, making your life more full of love, peace, joy, patience, etc. which will result in a higher quality of life.

Even if faced with death.

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If you search for truth, morality, spirituality, goodness, peace, righteousness, joy, & happiness without Jesus, it will be all separate and in vein.
But if you only search for Jesus alone, you find it all and in one complete package in Him.
Let go of everything this world has to offer, it will never completely satisfy with any depth.

It can be a narrow, challenging, lonely pathway but in the end will be more than worth it.

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Coming to the Truth

    Their are world views that have twisted the so called truth to fit whatever they choose to believe it should be, according to individual beliefs and has adopted a form of “spirituality” that gives them a false sense of security in whatever they want to call “god.” (small g). Their truth says that God is loving & forgiving so he will forgive me at the end of it all. A loving father does love unconditionally, however if that same father let you do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted to do it without rules or consequences, then that same father just turned from loving to wicked. (anyone that is a parent should understand that)  Don’t be deceived into believing that there are no consequences.There is room for everyone in the “true church” but only if they come to an understanding that when they get in there that THEY have to change to fit what The creator God lays out for them to follow. Otherwise you have just created one of your own religions, which is exactly why there are so many religions. But it is not about all “religions” that need to be accepted into one believe, It’s about one God that wants everyone to willingly accept Him and His ways, not man made rules and religions and their ways.There are two different ways of coming to the “truth“.

(1). You have already came to the conclusion that you know what you want to believe based on your own convictions and believes,… So you seek out whatever and whoever believes the same thing you do to confirm your believes. So, that is exactly what you will find. Whoever will tickle your itching ears of what you WANT the truth to be.  2 Timothy 4: 1-4

(2). You search for the truth, no matter what YOU have to DO or CHANGE when you finally find it. Sometimes when you find the truth you won’t like it. Normally 9 times out of 10 the truth hurts and is hard to swallow.So come to your own conclusions, do you feel all warm and fuzzy when someone tells you what you want to hear or does it rub you the wrong way…? One leads to destruction and the other leads to life. One is hard and one is easy.  Matthew 7: 13, 14

If you want to share your opinions about who God is and what He wants everyone to do, then please read the book that He inspired, so as to not lead others down the path of destruction.

If you were the owner of a company and one of your employees showed up to work one day and just decided to do whatever they wanted to do and not follow the rules that you have clearly laid out for them, even though you were a generous and loving owner and gave them many chances, how long would you just let them completely defy you and do whatever they wanted to do without you doing anything?

Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity. Matthew 7:22,23

This verse is for the people that claim to be “Christians” in theory & in personal “spirituality” but not in true heart.

I am not condemning anybody, but through a moral obligation,… I am simply expressing a heartfelt conviction to reveal the actual truth that is plainly printed in scripture, the warnings are very plain and clear to those that choose to seek the truth, but some speak about “Christianity, or Spirituality” that are grouse misrepresentations of nothing more than a self proclaimed, “I am the master of my own ship” attitude, that “I” know what is best for “me” because it feels good or right in “my” own eyes & that, my friends, is a dangerous road to be on.

Would you go to a doctor if that “self proclaimed” doctor has never studied medicine?
Be careful who you influence if your influence is not authentic…

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.  Romans 12:2

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Judge Not

JudgeNotDo not Judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.
Matthew 7: 1
We are all sinners, no one is beyond the massive list of faults that we tend to heap on the people we are upset with or think that they have done us wrong. Our first reaction is usually to list off what it was that they did to us in a manner of looking down on them for doing the same things that we have done ourselves, either to the person that did it to us or to someone else in our past. So if we sit back and take a very hard, deep look at ourselves we WILL find that we fit into the same category as the one’s we have just shoved in there. Which the passage above clearly warns about. So be careful…

  • If you judge someone for lying,… you will be judged a lair.
  • If you judge someone for stealing,… you will be judged a thief.
  • If you judge someone for hypocrisy,… you will be judged a hypocrite.
  • If you judge someone for unfairness to you,… you will be judged for being unfair.
  • etc. etc. etc.

The list can go for miles, so the next time you have the urge to complain about someone doing something to you, first throw it into the pile of offenses that we have done ourselves. If we get a match for doing the same things,…  Leave it in the pile, hang your head in humility, ask forgiveness from the Lord and live in peace.

If we still find ourselves stubborn and say that “I have never done that to anyone”,…  think again, and continue to think until you do find that you have. Maybe not exactly how they have done it to you, but in another form or action you will find that you are just as guilty.

There are usually two different responses to the information above and they are;

  1. Being additionally judgmental and furious with these truths.
  2. Being convicted and humbled for it.

If we find ourselves in #1. and are fighting the truth, we are refusing to let go of, either past hurts from others, or our own insecurities that someone might just be getting away with something that “you” think should be in a different category as you, and still deserves your ( or Gods ) vengeance.

If you have chosen #2. then you will experience peace through humility and usually a desire for reconciliation will follow.

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Absolute Truth

gavel1     If you live by your own rules, they will constantly change when you change.  If you don’t have an established set of morals or a solid line drawn, you will constantly be redefining your line, which will be driven farther away from the “absolute truth”.
If you don’t base your absolutes off of an already established set of morals, life will become more “dark” and you will always justify your behavior by comparing yourself to someone that is worse than you. The worse you get, the more you expand your justifications to the next person that is worse yet, and so on until you are at a place that you said you would never be. You keep moving your line farther and farther, so you must draw your line off of an already made set of absolutes, made by the creator of life Himself,… One that knows the outcome of everything, one who is perfect, looking out for your best interest, so you don’t keep slipping further and further away from the “absolute truth”. If you base your standards off of His laws you can NOT go wrong.

Man is susceptible to imperfection so if you even base your morals off of man made rules, you still have chosen to follow a set of rules that are tainted from the start. Unless they have based their rules off of the absolute truths of the creator through scripture.
There has to be a starting point for everything. Like at a track meet, if the runners were aloud to make their own rules everybody would be starting wherever they wanted, running across the field for a short cut,  taking one step back and one step forward to cross the finish line without running all the way around the track, everything would be chaos, & confusion. Human nature always gravitates to the path of least resistance. But what suffers in this thinking are morals, ethics, and pretty much everything else that is “right”.

Building a house has to start with a foundation, or the house will crumble. Vacations have to start with some kind of planning or you end up lost. Businesses need a business plan or that business would fail soon after it started. The list is endless on sets of guidelines,… rules for optimal performance, structure, best results, etc. things are constantly being improved by those guidelines. Everything in life has a starting point for progress and success, but when it comes to rules and guidelines for the same, as applied to human existence, people go on a free for all,… truth is arbitrary, there are no absolutes, you make your own truths. But if you apply that way of thinking to anything else in life, everyone would think you’re ridiculous.

Morality shouldn’t have an adjustment level or knob to put it wherever you want it according to your feelings on any given day.
Like big businesses that step on the backs of others to gain their wealth, they justify it by saying they gave them jobs, etc. it’s always explained away so they will feel better about themselves, but if they put themselves in the shoes of the people their stepping on, they would feel different. (love your neighbor as yourself)
Pin yourself to the board of morality through absolute truth, laid out by the standards of God Himself.

In anything in life that “man” does it’s always made sense to follow guidelines, rules, regulations, charts, graphs, and everything else in the spectrum of life’s adventures, but when it comes to Christianity people that force themselves not to believe, through everything that makes sense everywhere else,,, somehow twist things all up in a ball of non commitment, all because they don’t want to let go of their lifestyle that essentially will lead them to a place where they don’t want to go.

If you find yourself defining your own “good” so the definition of bad loses its edge,  anything outside of your own definition of goodness is your definition of “bad” which is usually compared to someone “YOU” deem is worse or more evil than you are, so it makes it easier to see yourselves as “a good person”. But if you sharpen your standard of right and wrong, good and bad up against the stone of the word of God then you will be able to cut through the lies that spread like gangrene through life’s deceitful little diseases.  Such as,… if your good enough, God will let you into Heaven. What is true on the contrary is that no one is a good person compared to Gods definition, so He made it open to everyone to receive eternal life, not just the ones that may or may not have the strength to do good things, by doing that, He leveled the playing field. He is not willing that anyone should perish.

Judging our behavior by a Moral compass,… We can’t say one day that north is in this direction and the next it’s in a different direction…  We need an anchor point that we can always go back to as a starting point or a guide line to always re-focus on. So there is no backwards change in our behavior. It always strives to achieve perfection through grace & mercy.

These days it’s not about right or wrong it’s about finding the best lawyer to “FIND” you right no matter what the truth is. The justification is now fabricated down to who has the most money to win a case and not actually accepting the blame for your actions and dealing with it.

A good way to judge right and wrong is to dream of a “perfect” world for “you”. How would you want people to treat you, would you want a harem, slaves, all the money from everyone else etc.
Now reverse it to, if someone else wished the same thing and you were part of their harem to use you as they wished, you were the slave, or they took all your money etc. would you like the way they were treating you if what you wished for was somehow transferred to the people you had in your dream as being where you placed yourself.
Or would you choose something that if reversed would also be good for you putting the shoe on the other foot. If what you wish for is equally good for everyone else as it is for you than you are on the right track.
You wouldn’t steal, because you don’t want to be stolen from. You wouldn’t lie, because you wouldn’t want to be lied to. You wouldn’t kill, because you don’t want to die. You wouldn’t treat someone bad, because you would want to be treated well. You would trust, because you want to be trusted. Tell me when this is sounding familiar.  Does this sound like any other document that a lot of people are trying to abolish because it stands for what they deem to be religious, as if it doesn’t apply to them.

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