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The Narrow Path

NarrowWayWorking day and night, men and women run heavy equipment to clear the landscape of newly discovered toxic waste that has been seeping into the ground for years. No matter how long it takes, the commitment of the workers is critical to the recovery of this populated area the waste has decided to reside in as well. Just how far,  how deep and  how wide does this hazardous waste spread, are the questions workers and residents are running thru their minds… How long will this go on?
Being careful not to remove or damage the existing, unharmed scenery, the workers dig around the areas that have not been contaminated by the unwanted invasion of this poisonous liquid, containing it and making sure it never returns to the landscape again. The goal could take years but the result will be worth far more than the time it took to accomplish it.

As soon as we recognize the toxic poisons that have been seeping in, we need to be committed to removing it from our lives, thoughts and actions. We can’t remove them ourselves or even recognize what they are without going to the one who knows how life is supposed to be lived in the first place. We are swayed by many things that bombard us in our everyday life;…  the worlds point of view, good intentions with bad advice, one sided opinions, influences from our peers, friends and family, you name it, it’s out there. God our father will make the ultimate commitment with you to finish what he has started or will start, but you must be obedient and willing to be committed to His road to recovery and let His demolition team (Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit) come in and do the job right. Removing unnecessary toxic baggage that has collected in your life for many years. Not being without the effects that come from removing poisons that have been attached to you for so long, the body (flesh) WILL fight with everything in it to keep what it has grown use to, even though it is bad for you. Lean on God every step of the way and don’t pull back even though the pain is perceived to be unbearable.
It’s a very challenging pathway , one that reveals unknown broken bones, cuts, bruises, and foreign matter that needs to be cut out, re-opened, stitched up, re-broken and healed the correct way. Gods end result is to conform us to the image of His Son Jesus Christ if we are willing to let Him lead us thru,… The Narrow Path.

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Positive Substance

HopeThinking  (hope) for a positive result yields a positive “substance.”  (Change your hope to a thought)  Faith is another “law” that was set in motion by God like gravity, it can work for our benefit or for our destruction.

The perversion of faith is despair, lack of faith, resulting in negative thinking which in turn results in a negative “substance.”  Same result as faith but inverted.
You either spend your energy on thinking positive and hoping for a good outcome or thinking negative and expecting the worse, then complaining why nothing ever works for you. So why not spend your energy wisely?

Think on what you have (Thankfulness) not on what you don’t have (Selfishness).

All of the laws of the universe have been set in motion by the Hand of God for us to use along with our faith & salvation so we can live a productive and abundant life, but like the rain, it falls on the just and the unjust. The laws of the universe are in affect for all, saved or unsaved, the law of physics, gravity, cause and effect, polarity, etc.

Who hopes for something negative?    Hope is positive, so think positive…

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