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The Christian Thing to Do

God does not always DO the “Christian” thing!!!
So to clear things up a bit, if, in one of your thoughts or conversations, you say… “well that’s not “the Christian thing” to do, you may be right in saying that, if you think with a human mindset, & we, as humans, tend to believe our thoughts are better then the ones that don’t share them with us. But trying to pride yourself in supremacy by manipulating a conversation with,.. “that’s not the Christian thing to do”,.. only means that you think you know what God is doing…
Reminder… His ways are higher than your ways..
My suggestion…
Read your Bible, & notice how many times that God does things that appear, up front, to.. Not be “the Christian thing”, Christian is a man made word,. It’s a word that has been taken advantage of for manipulative reasons,.
God is not a Christian,. God is God… let Him be God.
He does not need your help to bring about His ultimate plan.

Take a deep breath, Let it go, Trust, Believe everything is in control, & ask yourself; is what I’m thinking / doing / posting / etc.. promoting…
1. division?
2. unity?

If #1… STOP.
If #2… Carry On.

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3 Choices

1.    Choose Nothing is eternal.
You can choose to believe that nothing is eternal, witch means, in essence, YOU really don’t exist either, because if nothing was eternal, then nothing, hasn’t even gotten a chance to ever exist at all, because nothing never just, all of a sudden, turns into something. So basically, YOU are just a figment of your own, non existent, imagination. Make sense? Didn’t think so.

2.    Choose Space & Matter is eternal.
You can choose to believe in evolution, which means you believe in “space and matter” being eternal, because, again, something Does Not Just materialize from nothing. It had to have came from somewhere.
This theory portrays that everything in existence today came from a condensed ball of matter, floating around in space that just blew up in a “big bang”, thus, itself, by chance, a fluke mistake of happenstance, evolving everything needed to survive inside of our complex perfectly functioning ecosystem we exist in today, for absolutely no purpose at all.

3.    Choose God is eternal.
You can choose to believe in creation, Which is pretty self explanatory. Where, in this case, “God” is the eternal subject that had/has the power to bring things into, and out of, existence, and is the sustaining life force that makes everything work.

So in conclusion, you can believe in Nothing, thru Nothing, Space & Matter, thru evolution, or God, thru creation. All cases have eternal facets, so if you have chosen to believe in 1 or 2, by default, simply because you can’t rap your head around 1, “something always has been and always will be”, then you are forced to sit and rethink your choice, because no matter what, you have to believe in something existing for eternity, however, numbers 1 & 2 neither make sense or a difference, so it might as well be in the only one that makes, both sense and a difference. Do yourself an enormous favor, Choose Life. Nothing makes sense unless it has a purpose attached to it.
Everything that you possess or own, come in contact with, see, hear, touch, smell, taste, that is “something” has an explanation, “a purpose”,… A cell phone doesn’t make sense unless it has purpose, (calling, texting, surfing, etc). A pencil, (writing). A camera, (capturing pictures). Dirt, (sustaining plant life). Plant life, (supplying oxygen, taking in carbon dioxide). Oxygen, (to supply human life with a sustaining substance). Etc. etc. etc.

If you believe choices 1 or 2. Ask yourself this question…
Why does everything in existence today have a purpose except for existence itself?

Climb inside of that Think Tank for a few minutes, stuff it in the pipe of contemplation and breath deeply.

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Just add years

Can you make sense of a system, (evolution) that claims to have taken billions of years to “create”, such as human life, only to last individually in existence for under a hundred years or less?
In order for that to happen, the male and female species had to “evolve” simultaneously and very rapidly within that 100 year span so they could reproduce and carry on further existence before they died off completely, because if just one compatible reproductive “pair” died before the complete “evolutionary” process was finished it would not have evolved any further.
I don’t think I need to remind anybody of the fact that dead things don’t evolve into anything… So let me ask again in a slightly different way,… How could something stay “alive” for millions / billions of years in “it’s” most vulnerable, beginning stages of existence and then only stay alive for under a hundred years in it’s most advanced, fully evolved stage of the process?

Please “think” for yourself. God gives us common sense to combat man made ideas that drive us down the cow path of thinking absolutely everything alive today came from absolutely nothing not living yesterday.
If you don’t believe that frosty the snowman can just come alive just by placing a magic hat on his head, then why do you believe it would be any different if you fill that same hat with millions of years?


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