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How Do Ya Like Me Now?


     You’ve seen me around town, sometimes we hang out at the same places, with the same people, & we do the same things. You notice that I usually keep to myself most of the time, smile at you, & even say Hi on occasions. Always careful not to offend anyone or say anything that would ruffle any feathers.

How Do You Like Me Now?

     It’s mid winter and it’s freezing outside, the only clothing you’re wearing is a torn t-shirt, ripped genes & some thin socks. You notice me walking by in relatively the same attire as you have on, trying to rub your hands on both arms to generate as much warmth as the friction will allow. Our eyes meet as I nod, smile, say hi and wish you well. I even stop for a brief moment and ask you how you are doing, if you are staying warm and fed. Your reply is that you’ve had a few drinks & are feeling fine. I then bid you an equally inviting farewell, leave you in your state of liquid fervor and disappear into the frigid night.

How Do You Like Me Now?

A few days drift past and you slowly awake to the feeble realization of finding yourself in a hospital bed. Things seem comfortable, for the moment, so you just lay there and enjoy the quiet and hazy existence you’ve found yourself in for the time being. You become apathetic to your surroundings as you doze in and out of consciousnesses. After another day or two of repeating this path, your reality is abruptly dominant when you reach up to brush the hair out of your eyes, only to realize your arm is missing! You look down in horror to find that ALL of your limbs have been removed due to a severe case of frostbite… Air and explanations are gasping for first place in your desperately frail mind. Your emotions flood with unexplainable fury and despair, at the same time your brain tries to make sense of what your eyes are seemingly telling youg. Confusion, Devastation, Physical & Emotional Pain, Denial, and the like are your life for the next few months / years, as your, now, confined body is your new shaken world. As time moves forward, you find out that the last person you saw, the night before you ended up in this tragic state of affairs, was on his way to a shelter that was handing out new clothing, winter coats, boots, gloves and all the free hot meals you could eat for as long as you wanted, and the supply was endless!… You realize that person was me!…

How Do You Like Me Now?


YOU;………………………….Anyone that has no or little knowledge of the Creator.
ME;……………………………Any claiming christian that holds the knowledge of the Good news in the Gospels.
TATTERED CLOTHING;…..Our own inability to rely on ourselves to escape Judgement Day.
ALCOHOL;…………………..The sin that blinds us to the fact that we need a savior.
SHELTER;……………………Salvation, and the promise of eternity in Heaven.
AMPUTATION;………………Separation from the mercy of God.

To the person who refuses to believe that there is a God..

We are all in the same boat here on planet earth, wearing the same tattered clothing, so no one is better then anyone else.
It doesn’t matter how much money you have, it’s not enough.
It doesn’t matter how powerful you are, it’s not enough.
It doesn’t matter how many people you know or who you know, it’s not enough.
Everyone has the same old warn out tattered rags on and if you do not put on the clothing that Jesus the Christ offers, you can not and will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven when you pass from this life into the next.


  • You do not know all there is to know.
  • You only know a small fraction of everything there is to know.
  • God exists in the other fraction of which you don’t know yet.
  • People who seek Him find Him.
  • God reveals Himself to people, making Himself known to them.
  • Once you truly know Him you can not deny Him.
  • = God is real. If you believe in Him or not.
  • You will be dead one of these days.
  • You need to choose His forgiveness and trust in His Son Jesus to receive eternal Life.
  • You need to regret your wrong doings and turn from them & learn the new way to live until your physical body dies, by “putting on His righteousness” as a replacement for your lack of it.

To the person who believes in God..

We all have a purpose from the time we first start believing until we are taken from this life, and that is to try to take as many people with us as possible.
Living like everyone else does, so that no one can tell the difference if you believe or don’t believe, does not set yourself apart as a true believer. If you search for a church or someone to tell you what you want to believe based on how you prefer to live your life, then you are drifting with the crowd  down the very wide path that leads to destruction.
Scripture plainly states that you are a new creation that you are no longer yours to plan your own life, that your old self is to die and a new self is to live for the one who gave you life. Like a grateful servant that appreciates the promise of eternal perfection in exchange for a few short years of service. Not mistaking the service as working your way to Heaven but as a willing party to serve as someone that knows the debt  that was paid is too much to be paid back in return… How could you live with yourself if you knew that someones complete amputation is a result of your not sharing the knowledge of a shelter just right around the corner?

A Living Sacrifice…  Acceptable to God…  Don’t just believe it… Live it…

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