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Positive Substance

HopeThinking  (hope) for a positive result yields a positive “substance.”  (Change your hope to a thought)  Faith is another “law” that was set in motion by God like gravity, it can work for our benefit or for our destruction.

The perversion of faith is despair, lack of faith, resulting in negative thinking which in turn results in a negative “substance.”  Same result as faith but inverted.
You either spend your energy on thinking positive and hoping for a good outcome or thinking negative and expecting the worse, then complaining why nothing ever works for you. So why not spend your energy wisely?

Think on what you have (Thankfulness) not on what you don’t have (Selfishness).

All of the laws of the universe have been set in motion by the Hand of God for us to use along with our faith & salvation so we can live a productive and abundant life, but like the rain, it falls on the just and the unjust. The laws of the universe are in affect for all, saved or unsaved, the law of physics, gravity, cause and effect, polarity, etc.

Who hopes for something negative?    Hope is positive, so think positive…

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