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Principles to Paradise

There are opposing forces beyond what we can physically see & it is undeniable that good and evil exist all around us.
If you follow each force to it’s extreme, on either side of the spectrum, you arrive at ultimate good and ultimate evil.

Thinking about it for any length of time, you will eventually come to the logical question… Where did those forces originate from and how do they work, either for us or against us, in our everyday lives?

It won’t take long to find stories of a battle between good and evil represented in the belief of a creator God and our adversary Satan.

God YHWH (“Yah-wheh”, the ultimate good) has given us all the freedom to choose from either side of the spectrum by pulling from & applying everything good into our lives or pulling from & applying the evil (bad) side to make those our every day normals.

There are laws that were put into motion that, if you follow the principles of those laws, you will benefit greatly,
those are following the way of YHWH.

Ansel Adams, a famous photographer that put together what’s called the “zone system”, a spectrum of light and dark that explains how to expose a perfect picture.

Just like to believe in Ansel Adams, and the zone system that he put into place, & study his principles, you will see an amazing difference in your photography.

The same with the creator of this universe and His principles, if you put your belief in Him, turn from your old ways, study His ways & actually apply them to your life, you not only will live a fulfilling life here on earth, but it will also extend into eternity.

He is perfect and demands perfection, but we, as humans, will never fit into the category of perfection, so YHWH, in his infinite grace, sent a perfect substitute, Yeshua, to be a sacrifice, standing in our place so we wouldn’t have to pay for our imperfection by eternal death.
So to accept His merciful gift, and show appreciation for it by a changed life means that you can enjoy eternal life in a place called paradise.

Notice I did not say that it would be problem free, but your focus will be totally different, making your life more full of love, peace, joy, patience, etc. which will result in a higher quality of life.

Even if faced with death.

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Just add years

Can you make sense of a system, (evolution) that claims to have taken billions of years to “create”, such as human life, only to last individually in existence for under a hundred years or less?
In order for that to happen, the male and female species had to “evolve” simultaneously and very rapidly within that 100 year span so they could reproduce and carry on further existence before they died off completely, because if just one compatible reproductive “pair” died before the complete “evolutionary” process was finished it would not have evolved any further.
I don’t think I need to remind anybody of the fact that dead things don’t evolve into anything… So let me ask again in a slightly different way,… How could something stay “alive” for millions / billions of years in “it’s” most vulnerable, beginning stages of existence and then only stay alive for under a hundred years in it’s most advanced, fully evolved stage of the process?

Please “think” for yourself. God gives us common sense to combat man made ideas that drive us down the cow path of thinking absolutely everything alive today came from absolutely nothing not living yesterday.
If you don’t believe that frosty the snowman can just come alive just by placing a magic hat on his head, then why do you believe it would be any different if you fill that same hat with millions of years?


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