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Freedom from Fear

Self doubt, negative self talk, a lack of self confidence, & low self esteem are all tools that keep us chained inside the prison of fear, & as long as we are bound by those chains we will continue to reside in that prison.

Although the fear is real, it is also a lie, & a lie can only effect you as long as you believe it.
To escape from this prison, you must first break those chains & to break those chains you must choose to not believe the lies.
It is not what others say or think about you but what you choose to believe about yourself, so take one “thing” that you believe negatively about yourself and choose to believe the opposite, & then fight through the habitual feelings that have rooted themselves in your routine & prove that new “choice” by acting on the new belief by taking a step of faith.
Yes it will be terrifying, but that is the fear fighting against your success. The voices that say “you can’t” are nothing more than an empty echo bouncing off the walls of your self made prison that will never stop until you ignore them & stop believing the lie.
Fear only exists by choice. Choose to break free.

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Rusty Beliefs

Once you lock your beliefs to a particular noun, the comparisons, in your eyes, are no longer relevant,… it’s always; “well that’s different”,… “ya, but, they did this better”,… blah blah blah…
You will always CHOOSE to find the best in your own convictions & with the ones who share it with you, & also CHOOSE the worst in your opposition and those who believe differently to reinforce your side.

Let’s find a common middle ground, good positive points with everything in your life, both with your strong beliefs & with the beliefs of others, because let’s face it,.. you understand WHY you believe the way that you do, but you obviously DO NOT understand why everyone else believes the way that they do, until you open your mind to actually have an adult conversation with them and, out of genuine curiosity, ask what path has brought them to where they are. Without judgmental sarcastic jabs or argumentative interruptions but rather face to face, two human beings with feelings and emotions that matter. Find what you share alike…
You who claim to be “open minded” 9 times out of 10 prove yourself a liar by displaying your judgmental nonsense that obviously proves the contrary. Check your motives, think for a while first. Stop reacting with your one sided emotions. Promote peace not division.
Instead of trying to shove your own selfish beliefs on your hatred prey, look outside of “you” and challenge yourself to find out why, in a face to face civil conversation, someone thinks the way they do.

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