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Principles to Paradise

There are opposing forces beyond what we can physically see & it is undeniable that good and evil exist all around us.
If you follow each force to it’s extreme, on either side of the spectrum, you arrive at ultimate good and ultimate evil.

Thinking about it for any length of time, you will eventually come to the logical question… Where did those forces originate from and how do they work, either for us or against us, in our everyday lives?

It won’t take long to find stories of a battle between good and evil represented in the belief of a creator God and our adversary Satan.

God YHWH (“Yah-wheh”, the ultimate good) has given us all the freedom to choose from either side of the spectrum by pulling from & applying everything good into our lives or pulling from & applying the evil (bad) side to make those our every day normals.

There are laws that were put into motion that, if you follow the principles of those laws, you will benefit greatly,
those are following the way of YHWH.

Ansel Adams, a famous photographer that put together what’s called the “zone system”, a spectrum of light and dark that explains how to expose a perfect picture.

Just like to believe in Ansel Adams, and the zone system that he put into place, & study his principles, you will see an amazing difference in your photography.

The same with the creator of this universe and His principles, if you put your belief in Him, turn from your old ways, study His ways & actually apply them to your life, you not only will live a fulfilling life here on earth, but it will also extend into eternity.

He is perfect and demands perfection, but we, as humans, will never fit into the category of perfection, so YHWH, in his infinite grace, sent a perfect substitute, Yeshua, to be a sacrifice, standing in our place so we wouldn’t have to pay for our imperfection by eternal death.
So to accept His merciful gift, and show appreciation for it by a changed life means that you can enjoy eternal life in a place called paradise.

Notice I did not say that it would be problem free, but your focus will be totally different, making your life more full of love, peace, joy, patience, etc. which will result in a higher quality of life.

Even if faced with death.

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The Christian Thing to Do

God does not always DO the “Christian” thing!!!
So to clear things up a bit, if, in one of your thoughts or conversations, you say… “well that’s not “the Christian thing” to do, you may be right in saying that, if you think with a human mindset, & we, as humans, tend to believe our thoughts are better then the ones that don’t share them with us. But trying to pride yourself in supremacy by manipulating a conversation with,.. “that’s not the Christian thing to do”,.. only means that you think you know what God is doing…
Reminder… His ways are higher than your ways..
My suggestion…
Read your Bible, & notice how many times that God does things that appear, up front, to.. Not be “the Christian thing”, Christian is a man made word,. It’s a word that has been taken advantage of for manipulative reasons,.
God is not a Christian,. God is God… let Him be God.
He does not need your help to bring about His ultimate plan.

Take a deep breath, Let it go, Trust, Believe everything is in control, & ask yourself; is what I’m thinking / doing / posting / etc.. promoting…
1. division?
2. unity?

If #1… STOP.
If #2… Carry On.

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