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     I’ve had discussions with people on the validity of the Bible and its content, and usually the conversation always goes towards the fact that “it was written by man”, to that the reply of most, if not all Christians, is “but it was inspired by God”. This conversation, of course, leads to the same place every time… NOWHERE!   Because both parties believe what they believe, and just a simple preferential statement is not going to change anybodies mind, inevitably resulting in a stalemate.

From there the conversation usually goes to subjects such as prophesies in scripture to mark out the events that have taken place century after century, proving that biblical prophets were in fact inspired by God and that they recorded what has been revealed to them, whether in a dream or vision, and then passed down from generation to generation as a guide to live by…

Reply… Well, what about the prophecies of Nostradamus, or more accurately defined as, predictions, simply because I don’t think you can be considered a prophet if many of your “predictions” have failed to come true. Retrospectively looking at most of his vague and non dated predictions, it could very well be taken as a “prophecy” if you were looking to line your argumentative arsenal with partial truths hoping that your opponent was uneducated about your point.

The fact that Nostradamus died in 1566 means that no one alive today was alive when he was alive, so it stands without question that the person, Michel de Nostredame, only exists through the words written by man, thus nullifying their own rebuttal that the Bible was written by man making it inaccurate and unbelievable.

Anyone with any common sense or historical knowledge could vaguely predict, based on the nature and patterns of man, that someone of power will rise and destroy many, and would be relatively accurate whenever the next occurrence happened that came close to resembling the skeletal words that anyone can, after the fact, fill in with the missing persuasive substance and texture.

In conclusion with the non disputable, 100% accuracy of biblical prophecies, My “Think Tank” questions for this post are;

  1. Why would you use an obviously inferior comparison of prophetic occurrences to try to invalidate documentation that grossly out weighs your claim?
  2. Why is it that the reasoning given to dissolve the accuracy of the Bible, is the very wobbly platform on which your reasoning stands?
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Posted by on August 11, 2011 in "Think Tank"