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A classic misconception to a lack of people skills is, “that’s just the way I am” mentality, rendering their inability to change as a part of life without hope. An endless circle of depravity inside a cage of shallow “auto response” instincts.
Intellectually ignorant or lazy, fear of change, stuck,… call it what you will, but don’t be afraid to face the truth and admit failure, because from there comes victory. Without admission of failure,… you will stay in failure.
Humility may be interpreted as weakness but those interpreting it as such need similar company due to a threat of self confidence in their own lives.
Rise above “NORMAL” and break the chains of complacency.

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Freedom from Fear

Self doubt, negative self talk, a lack of self confidence, & low self esteem are all tools that keep us chained inside the prison of fear, & as long as we are bound by those chains we will continue to reside in that prison.

Although the fear is real, it is also a lie, & a lie can only effect you as long as you believe it.
To escape from this prison, you must first break those chains & to break those chains you must choose to not believe the lies.
It is not what others say or think about you but what you choose to believe about yourself, so take one “thing” that you believe negatively about yourself and choose to believe the opposite, & then fight through the habitual feelings that have rooted themselves in your routine & prove that new “choice” by acting on the new belief by taking a step of faith.
Yes it will be terrifying, but that is the fear fighting against your success. The voices that say “you can’t” are nothing more than an empty echo bouncing off the walls of your self made prison that will never stop until you ignore them & stop believing the lie.
Fear only exists by choice. Choose to break free.

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The Conscience Deception

Subsequent Consequential Disbelief

The big deception is that certain people don’t want to believe in God, because if they did believe, they would have to follow a “list of dos and don’ts”, so to speak, to make it to a place called heaven.
In their head, they want to do what they do without a conscience, so they, in turn, discredit the existence of God, forcing their own conscience to deny Him, so they can accomplish this without guilt. Knowing that if they choose to believe in God and not follow those “rules and regulations”, that they would ultimately end up in a place called hell. They ponder that consequence, therefore, conclusively don’t want to end up in that place, so they somehow justify, that if they choose not to believe in God, He will then automatically disappear from existence, rendering their belief, that they, now, won’t end up there. In essence, ending up there inadvertently, anyway.
The twisted way of this deceptive thinking, in and of itself, IS the big deception.

 Statistically, You have a 25% chance to make it to Heaven. (if each category were equal)

1).    John 3;16 + “By Believing 100%” you:

  • Seek first the Kingdom of God.
  • Love the Lord thy God with all your heart, mind, and soul.
  • Accept His Son’s sacrificial death on your behalf as the only way to your justifiable salvation.
  • Keep His commandments. (proof that you love Him)
  • Live by His standards. (as a result of you loving Him through your “good works“)

2).    Believe in (g)od or other (g)ods; 1

  • With a false, man made belief, that says that you can have a mere thought, attached to an empty meaning, that, consequentially, is not the solid, actual belief that demands action to proof it, making that belief real, as defined, in the original meaning of the word, written in the scriptures.
  • A mindset that renders a belief that has no substance, and behavior that is no different than the world system that you are supposed to be in opposition with. (in but not of)
  • A result of a false conversion or to be self-reliant on your salvation through your own form of good works.
  • Deceiving yourself into believing you are a “good person”, therefore God will understand and let me into heaven on my own merit.

3).    Believe in (g)od or other (g)ods; 2

  • Believe in the wrong god of this world, satan, devil, & go in the complete opposite direction altogether. Devil worship, occult involvement, evolution, etc.

4).    Don’t believe in anything.

  • You choose to claim ignorance on the existence of anything, heaven or hell, God or Satan, good or evil, everything is relative. Atheism.

I believe this is why Jesus said that only a few will find the narrow pathway that leads to life. & Depart from Me, I never knew you, when you stand at the gates of Heaven trying to get in because of your, self-defined “good works”. There is only one way, truth, and life and only one way to the Father and that is through the Son.

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3 Choices

1.    Choose Nothing is eternal.
You can choose to believe that nothing is eternal, witch means, in essence, YOU really don’t exist either, because if nothing was eternal, then nothing, hasn’t even gotten a chance to ever exist at all, because nothing never just, all of a sudden, turns into something. So basically, YOU are just a figment of your own, non existent, imagination. Make sense? Didn’t think so.

2.    Choose Space & Matter is eternal.
You can choose to believe in evolution, which means you believe in “space and matter” being eternal, because, again, something Does Not Just materialize from nothing. It had to have came from somewhere.
This theory portrays that everything in existence today came from a condensed ball of matter, floating around in space that just blew up in a “big bang”, thus, itself, by chance, a fluke mistake of happenstance, evolving everything needed to survive inside of our complex perfectly functioning ecosystem we exist in today, for absolutely no purpose at all.

3.    Choose God is eternal.
You can choose to believe in creation, Which is pretty self explanatory. Where, in this case, “God” is the eternal subject that had/has the power to bring things into, and out of, existence, and is the sustaining life force that makes everything work.

So in conclusion, you can believe in Nothing, thru Nothing, Space & Matter, thru evolution, or God, thru creation. All cases have eternal facets, so if you have chosen to believe in 1 or 2, by default, simply because you can’t rap your head around 1, “something always has been and always will be”, then you are forced to sit and rethink your choice, because no matter what, you have to believe in something existing for eternity, however, numbers 1 & 2 neither make sense or a difference, so it might as well be in the only one that makes, both sense and a difference. Do yourself an enormous favor, Choose Life. Nothing makes sense unless it has a purpose attached to it.
Everything that you possess or own, come in contact with, see, hear, touch, smell, taste, that is “something” has an explanation, “a purpose”,… A cell phone doesn’t make sense unless it has purpose, (calling, texting, surfing, etc). A pencil, (writing). A camera, (capturing pictures). Dirt, (sustaining plant life). Plant life, (supplying oxygen, taking in carbon dioxide). Oxygen, (to supply human life with a sustaining substance). Etc. etc. etc.

If you believe choices 1 or 2. Ask yourself this question…
Why does everything in existence today have a purpose except for existence itself?

Climb inside of that Think Tank for a few minutes, stuff it in the pipe of contemplation and breath deeply.

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John 3:16

Everybody hears the words “John 3:16” and it usually just skims across their sub-conscious like music playing in the background, you hear it, and know it’s their but your not really paying any attention to it…  So when was the last time you actually read it word by word and meditated on the intended meaning?  I think with a lot of other verses as well, we skim over them just to get in our “daily reading” quota, and then get on with our normal worries throughout the rest of the day. This time lets break it apart to look at this verse in a different light.
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only-begotten Son, that whoever believeth in him, should not perish, but have everlasting life.

What does it mean to “believe in Him”?

The word believe in this verse means to, commit yourself or completely rely on, as if your life depended on it,  not to simply say “I believe that God exists”…    Satan also believes that God exists, but he does not put his trust in God, that is what separates us from eternal punishment, set aside for satan and his deceived, and a life that extends into eternity.

A simple prayer is not the same as a decision to trust and follow.  “O God, come into my heart, save me from my sins,  Amen”.

One has no commitment at all and leads you down the same path that you have been living in up until the time of your “prayer” and the other requires repentance and turning from your current path, redirecting your life and going in a completely different direction.

A test of your commitment to Christ is this;  From the very first complaint and every one thereafter, means you haven’t put your complete faith in Him and that alone requires repentance.

So how do you trust or put your faith in God.

Repent and be baptized…

Acts 2:38  Then Peter said to them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ, for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Turn from your ways…

Ezekiel 18:30  Therefore I will judge you, O house of Israel, every one according to his ways, says the Lord GOD. Repent, and turn yourselves from all your transgressions; so iniquity shall not be your ruin.

Present yourself as living sacrifices…

Romans 12:1  I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

Take up your cross…

What did Jesus do on the cross?   Die.   So we must die (to self) Take on His life.  Or (“Believeth in Him”)

Luke 9:23  And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.

Count the cost…

Luke 14:25  Now large crowds were traveling with Jesus. He turned and said to them,
26  “If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father, mother, wife, children, brothers, and sisters, as well as his own life, he can not be my disciple.
27  Whoever doesn’t carry his cross and follow me can not be my disciple.
28  “Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. He will first sit down and estimate the cost to see whether he has enough money to finish it, won’t he?
29  Otherwise, if he lays a foundation and can’t finish the building, everyone who watches will begin to ridicule him
30  and say, ‘This person started a building but couldn’t finish it.’
31  “Or suppose a king is going to war against another king. He will first sit down and consider whether with 10,000 men he can oppose the one coming against him with 20,000 men, won’t he?
32  If he can’t, he will send a delegation to ask for terms of peace while the other king is still far away.
33  In the same way, none of you can be my disciple unless he gives up all his possessions.”34  “Now, salt is good. But if the salt should lose its taste, how can its flavor be restored?35  It is suitable neither for the soil nor for the manure pile. People throw it away. Let the person who has ears to hear, listen!”

Study to show yourself approved…

  1. What did He do during His life?
  2. Dig thru the Holy scriptures to find out, and follow His example.

2 Timothy 2:15  Study to show thyself approved to God, a workman that need not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

When you join the military or get a job, you take on the task of doing what you were assigned to do, if you don’t, you face court-martial or getting fired.   It’s pretty simple and  straight forward. You do this or you get that… Why would it be any different with joining the army of God.

Some believe (in the cheapest most watered down form of the word) in order to gain a free ticket into Heaven and not do anything to get there.

What about not having to do works to get to heaven? or our best works are as filthy rags?

You are correct in believing that you don’t have to do works to get to Heaven but if you are not driven to want to do works, because God has done what He has done, than ask yourself this question… is your belief real, or did you just take out a fire insurance policy?

Everyone puts there faith and trust in something, Money, Houses, Cars, Jobs, etc. but all fail because they are unreliable material possessions that are inevitable to leave us empty and disappointed. Money runs out, Houses have there share of problems, Cars break down, and Jobs are lost… But we continually go back into trying to find another way to trust those very things that keep letting us down time after time.

So instead of trusting your money to pull you out of debt, trust God thru faith in Jesus.    (faith is acting as if it has already happened).

Instead of trusting your house to protect you or your car to get you places and a job to supply you with all of “what you need”,… trust God to supply all of your needs and if you are left without “things”  than believe that you don’t need it at this time, or at all. God knows that a particular thing will bring you harm down the road or lead you to a place that will sink you.  Or it could just be the fact that God knows what He is doing and is leading you in another direction altogether, but He has to take from you what is keeping you from that new direction.

Trust with a trust that will shatter your comfortable little  bubble of  “warm fuzzy”.

The differences between believing and trusting:

You believe that firemen are holding a net 3 stories down to save you from a burning building,…  You trust when you jump out of the window.

You believe that someone packed your parachute to work correctly, to save you from a 5,000 ft. crash landing,… You trust when you strap on the chute and jump out of the plane.

You believe that God will bring you to Heaven when your body dies,…  you trust when your faith in Jesus requires you to Love the unlovable, forgive the unforgivable, give until your left with nothing, serve when you think you deserve to lead, bless when you want to curse, and do it all without complaining or murmuring, do it with a heart of compassion, and if there is no compassion in your heart, bend your will until it hurts and make it line up with what tasks God has written for us in advance. We live by faith and not by sight ( or feelings, or circumstances, or reactions.)

What happens to the first sentence if the second is not implemented?      What happens if your belief is not made whole by trust which is not put into action?

Belief doesn’t take affect until you fully trust in what you believe in.  If you don’t prove your belief by trusting than your belief is in vain. The two go hand in hand, one is worthless without the other.

Belief is like a validation card, you have to activate it with trust in order for it to work.

If someone comes up to you and says to you “Give me $1000.00 dollars and I will invest it for you and make you $2000.00 overnight”.  You say “ok, I believe that you will do that for me”, but you don’t hand the money over, are you trusting him?  You say you make me the $2000.00 first and I’ll give you the $1000.00 Does that make sense. No. You step over the line of belief when you add the ingredient of risk. There is risk in trusting. If you say you believe in something or someone but there is no risk involved then you simply do not believe.


Also means that you no longer have the right to be full of anger, bitterness, malice, rage, etc. because as soon as you step over the line of all of those said traits, you no longer believe or trust that God is in control. It all starts with complaining. Complaining also means you don’t believe God is in everything, and before long ungratefulness and discontentment leads you back to all of the above.

Ephesians 4:1-32, The whole 4th chapter of Ephesians gives us an insight on how to live the “set apart” “Christian life”.

If you are doing the same thing as the people that claim to be atheists or unbelievers just to fit in and say your just being “open minded” about their lifestyles, then you are not doing them or yourself any justice for the soul.

In 2nd Timothy 3:1-17, it gives us an example of what not to act like and if we are, then we need to re-examine our lives to line back up with the way we are to be.

2 Timothy 1:5 ….So by claiming you’re a Christian you take on the form of godliness , by complaining about anything your denying His power.

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How Do Ya Like Me Now?


     You’ve seen me around town, sometimes we hang out at the same places, with the same people, & we do the same things. You notice that I usually keep to myself most of the time, smile at you, & even say Hi on occasions. Always careful not to offend anyone or say anything that would ruffle any feathers.

How Do You Like Me Now?

     It’s mid winter and it’s freezing outside, the only clothing you’re wearing is a torn t-shirt, ripped genes & some thin socks. You notice me walking by in relatively the same attire as you have on, trying to rub your hands on both arms to generate as much warmth as the friction will allow. Our eyes meet as I nod, smile, say hi and wish you well. I even stop for a brief moment and ask you how you are doing, if you are staying warm and fed. Your reply is that you’ve had a few drinks & are feeling fine. I then bid you an equally inviting farewell, leave you in your state of liquid fervor and disappear into the frigid night.

How Do You Like Me Now?

A few days drift past and you slowly awake to the feeble realization of finding yourself in a hospital bed. Things seem comfortable, for the moment, so you just lay there and enjoy the quiet and hazy existence you’ve found yourself in for the time being. You become apathetic to your surroundings as you doze in and out of consciousnesses. After another day or two of repeating this path, your reality is abruptly dominant when you reach up to brush the hair out of your eyes, only to realize your arm is missing! You look down in horror to find that ALL of your limbs have been removed due to a severe case of frostbite… Air and explanations are gasping for first place in your desperately frail mind. Your emotions flood with unexplainable fury and despair, at the same time your brain tries to make sense of what your eyes are seemingly telling youg. Confusion, Devastation, Physical & Emotional Pain, Denial, and the like are your life for the next few months / years, as your, now, confined body is your new shaken world. As time moves forward, you find out that the last person you saw, the night before you ended up in this tragic state of affairs, was on his way to a shelter that was handing out new clothing, winter coats, boots, gloves and all the free hot meals you could eat for as long as you wanted, and the supply was endless!… You realize that person was me!…

How Do You Like Me Now?


YOU;………………………….Anyone that has no or little knowledge of the Creator.
ME;……………………………Any claiming christian that holds the knowledge of the Good news in the Gospels.
TATTERED CLOTHING;…..Our own inability to rely on ourselves to escape Judgement Day.
ALCOHOL;…………………..The sin that blinds us to the fact that we need a savior.
SHELTER;……………………Salvation, and the promise of eternity in Heaven.
AMPUTATION;………………Separation from the mercy of God.

To the person who refuses to believe that there is a God..

We are all in the same boat here on planet earth, wearing the same tattered clothing, so no one is better then anyone else.
It doesn’t matter how much money you have, it’s not enough.
It doesn’t matter how powerful you are, it’s not enough.
It doesn’t matter how many people you know or who you know, it’s not enough.
Everyone has the same old warn out tattered rags on and if you do not put on the clothing that Jesus the Christ offers, you can not and will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven when you pass from this life into the next.


  • You do not know all there is to know.
  • You only know a small fraction of everything there is to know.
  • God exists in the other fraction of which you don’t know yet.
  • People who seek Him find Him.
  • God reveals Himself to people, making Himself known to them.
  • Once you truly know Him you can not deny Him.
  • = God is real. If you believe in Him or not.
  • You will be dead one of these days.
  • You need to choose His forgiveness and trust in His Son Jesus to receive eternal Life.
  • You need to regret your wrong doings and turn from them & learn the new way to live until your physical body dies, by “putting on His righteousness” as a replacement for your lack of it.

To the person who believes in God..

We all have a purpose from the time we first start believing until we are taken from this life, and that is to try to take as many people with us as possible.
Living like everyone else does, so that no one can tell the difference if you believe or don’t believe, does not set yourself apart as a true believer. If you search for a church or someone to tell you what you want to believe based on how you prefer to live your life, then you are drifting with the crowd  down the very wide path that leads to destruction.
Scripture plainly states that you are a new creation that you are no longer yours to plan your own life, that your old self is to die and a new self is to live for the one who gave you life. Like a grateful servant that appreciates the promise of eternal perfection in exchange for a few short years of service. Not mistaking the service as working your way to Heaven but as a willing party to serve as someone that knows the debt  that was paid is too much to be paid back in return… How could you live with yourself if you knew that someones complete amputation is a result of your not sharing the knowledge of a shelter just right around the corner?

A Living Sacrifice…  Acceptable to God…  Don’t just believe it… Live it…

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handcuffsWe can either be slaves to Sin or slaves to Righteousness, Good or Evil, God or Satan. Which one do you choose? Your choices might surprise you if you consciously go through them with a sifter one by one and compare them to the laws of the God of Righteousness.

Do you choose to talk bad about people that don’t do what you think they should be doing? Or that don’t fit into your standards?
Do you choose to steal something that doesn’t belong to you, no matter how small?
Do you think that some people are beneath you because they don’t believe the same as you do? That you are more righteous, or spiritual then others.
Do you get angry at people, because they don’t comply with your rules and regulations? Or they might hurt you in a way that, by a good chance, you have done to someone else.

I can tell you first hand that being a slave to sin completely envelops you in despair and hopelessness, not to mention that it nullifies your witness to someone that might be watching your life because you claim to be a Christ follower. So in essence, everything we do on this planet is another word placed on the pages of our “Life Letter” for everyone to read like an open book. (2 Corinthians 3: 3-6)

Dear; Fellow Soul Stranger.
My name is _____________ and I am writing this letter to you to tell you a little bit about myself in hopes that I might gain your confidence. I am part of something much bigger than myself and would like to introduce you to, and employee you in as well.
I like to think of myself as a “good” person but being truthful,… I like to point out your faults so that I can make myself seem better than what I am, I’m selfish because my time is much more important than yours, I’m impatient and closed minded when it comes to your opinions and thoughts because they are not as worthy as mine. If you’re lost or confused, it really doesn’t mean anything to me because I have a time schedule and can‘t be bothered by your problems. I shake my fist at you and rudely lay on the horn in traffic because I didn’t leave early enough for work and haven’t had my second cup of coffee yet, not knowing or caring where you are going or what your circumstances are. So what I am saying is, that my awareness and existence is for me only and occasionally drifts across the line into someone’s life that I already know and they have done something nice for me first, but please consider my offer to join me in my quest to convince others that I am a Christian.

Eternally yours.

Jesus through Me.

It is written that we possess the power of Life and Death in our tongue…
How much more Life or Death can we influence if we extend that concept into our daily lives as actions?

Be convicted, challenged, humbled, changed and forgiven..

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