World View Deceptions

Pack this in the pipe of contemplation and puff until it sinks in!!!

Deception is designed to make you believe that you are not being deceived…
& if deceived you don’t know to seek otherwise, so you blindly walk the path of complacency, fully believing that the conveyor belt heading for destruction is the way to life.

Find the road less traveled.

Abandon the world system of selfishness…

  • “Grab all you can, because you only live once”
  • “Look out for #1”
  • “If it feels good, do it”

These attitudes are on the wide and paved road to ruin.

  • Evolution
  • Atheism
  • False prophets teaching false gods
  • Self-gods
  • Self-defining
  • Seeking out false religions that will tell you what you want to hear
  • Defining your own personal savior
  • Relying on your feelings to dictate your attitude or mood

This list can get pretty long…

There is a narrow road, & few find It that leads to life.
To find it you must give up what you believe to be “yourself”, to actually find your true self. Give up your understanding to gain true wisdom.
It’s a difficult concept to grasp but the most rewarding hidden path you will ever find.
It can’t be proven by intellectual reasoning or your senses of smell, touch, taste, sight & sound.
It goes much deeper & can only be proven by a faith that will dare to abandon those.

It is a supernatural conversion that can’t be explained & When you make that choice, the truth will be revealed, & from that point forward cannot be denied.

If you SEEK Him with your whole heart you WILL find Him.
The Way, the Truth and the Life. No need to look any further.

Live life to the fullest.

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Self Love (Video)

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Self Love (Text)

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When I say “self-love” I’m not referring to selfish arrogant conceit

But more of the lack of insecurities, jealousies, to rid yourself of the damaging effects of self-hatred or not taking care of yourself by negative comforts such as junk food, smoking, drinking, drugs, cutting, tattoos,… in other words, not knowing your worth as you are,…

Everything you think you have to have to comfort your inner voices that tell you that you need just one more… “thing” whatever that is.

For instance… “I need a cigarette”, “I need a drink”, “I need another tattoo”, are all some sort of temporary mask to put on to calm something that is going on, on the inside.

Set off by a trigger to seek a comfort, something to generate a feeling that will just get you by until the next one. Whether its something you need every hour or every week or every year and so on, and the more you do it the more of a habit it becomes, and when it’s a habit, you now think that it’s a part of you. So

Anything that makes you feel, good about yourself, tough, better, bigger, or more confident, anything that generates a feeling to take you to a place that you have to keep doing or getting to maintain that feeling,… there is something going on, on the inside that is not quite complete in your life that keeps you going back to that,… comfort thing. Or habit.

Unfortunately, those who rely on those things won’t fully understand that until they get to a place of total contentment with themselves. So deceptively will continue to rely on those things without even realizing it.

As a matter of fact, if you’re watching this and getting upset while you are defending your “thing”, there is more than likely something deeper going on.

Going even deeper with insecurities, jealousies, and issues inside of yourself that usually and eventually will spill over into your relationships.

So the need to work on being content with yourself as to not be a hindrance in a relationship by constantly needing attention or reassurance from those insecurities or codependency is beneficial in a healthy relationship…

When it says to “Love your neighbor as yourself” first you have to love yourself so that you can be effective in loving someone else, you can’t take care of someone else if you don’t care for yourself because your interests are always focused on self and the dissatisfaction you have for yourself.

You are so worried about what you look like, or act like, is my hair in place, does my butt look fat, what are they going to think of me,… blah blah blah,… ya know what?

Nobody really cares! Not being rude but everybody has enough to think about, much less be concerned with everything you think is wrong with you.

So being filled with self-worry or self-concern that you don’t have any room for anything or anybody outside of your insecurities because basically, they take most of your time.

To be honest, are selfish, any negative self-awareness that you generate outward, towards anyone else is a display of selfishness.

When you are completely secure with yourself (healthy self-love) then you are free to just be yourself without the hindrances and are then able to give of yourself instead of demand from others to “make you happy” or reassure your insecurities.

The only way to fix that is to rely on the way God himself thinks of you and then believe it, don’t wait for the feelings to come before you start to believe it, because they won’t. & the only way you are going to find out what God thinks of you is to read the words directly by him, for you to take straight to the heart.

The word “Believe” in scripture is a verb, an action word, something to tangibly take ahold of and make it a part of your life as if it already exists.

A conviction based off of faith and not the way you feel at any given moment.

So when it says that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE, when it says he loves you, BELIEVE THAT HE DOES, & belief is a conviction, not a feeling.

And when it says to believe, don’t hesitate, from that moment on, to start living it as fact and not something that will come to you eventually.

Yes it will “feel” awkward and not true, but ignore that like dropping objects while learning to juggle, just pick them back up and keep going until it becomes a part of your life. Until it becomes a good habit.

If you wait for the feelings you will never experience that freedom.

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Feelings have some purpose in this life
but relying on them to dictate the outcome of your day is not one of them’!!!

A superior method to anchor your stability on is & always will be Faith,
& implementing that Faith into action.

Mock if you must but there is a guarantee stamped on this one.
& if you’ve “tried it” & “it didn’t work for you”,
then you were sold a cheap generic religious knockoff.

Throw it away and don’t settle for anything less than genuine.!!!
You can be sure of this by the side effects being;
extreme unexplainable peace, inner happiness that follows you everywhere
(even in the “bad” times)…
I don’t believe I need go any further.

You either have it or you don’t.
If you don’t, seek it out until you do!

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Love and Be Loved (Video)

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Love and be Loved (Text)

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Peoples heart cry, not necessarily their words, is to love and be loved.

Boil down all of the surface happy pursuits, material possessions, relationships, geographical locations and so on, and you will be left with the desire to be truly happy.

If you ask someone “what they want?” most will start naming off things like, money, a new car, house, girlfriend, boyfriend or whatever, but the end result they’re looking for is what they think will “make them happy”

It’s just that most don’t know where to look because true happiness is not found in anything outside of yourself.

We all need to realize that we come complete and carry around within our very being the ability to be completely satisfied and happy without anything else involved. Nothing external.

Most even think that love Is a feeling, but feelings can also betray you, for instance, one day you can be upbeat, positive and feel good about yourself so your behavior & attitude follow suit, and then the next day you can be down, negative and feel bad about yourself and again your behavior goes right along with it.

The search to love and to be loved with the wrong motivation is usually replaced with song titles such as “love stinks” and the conclusions that “I give up on love,” but rather what they actually mean is that they are giving up on the lack of love, or what they perceive to be love.

Of course, everyone has issues but when you realize that you can’t rely on others to make or maintain your happiness, things will be all around more bearable.

To be on more of a stable ground, an even keel if you will, to be positive and upbeat the majority of the time, you have to base your attitude on something that doesn’t change with every circumstance or feeling, an anchor point without it being attached to a noun.

So what is Love?

  • Patient
  • Kind
  • Doesn’t envy or boast
  • It’s not arrogant or rude
  • It’s not selfish
  • It’s not irritable or resentful
  • Doesn’t point out your faults, or your problems
  • It’s not glad when something wrong happens, but it is with the truth
  • Love bears, believes, hopes, & tolerates all things
  • It’s continual & never ending
  • Always there, a part of you

If you’re not experiencing that kind of love then you’re not giving up on “love” you’re giving up on the lack of love, or your false perception of love, basically what is missing from that list. That is what you are giving up on.

So to love others to the capacity that you want to be loved, you first have to be secure enough in yourself.

You are also pulling the fruits off of that list to give to someone else as you want them to give to you.

Relationships might work out on the surface and sometimes still do, but they will never be what they could be if you’re carrying around baggage such as insecurities, anger, Unforgiveness, unrest, bad attitude, the victim mentality of someone else is always to blame for your misery…

Get rid of all that baggage and strive for a healthy depth of self-love, like contentment and security with confidence. “not conceit” conceit is adding selfishness to self-love, throwing it back too far in the other direction.

If you’re not happy with life, or yourself, as is, and being single even, without any possessions at all, before you go any further, especially in a relationship, So you’re not always wanting reassurance, approval and an unhealthy amount of attention all the time. It’s like one person laying bricks down to build a foundation for a house and the other one is going around right behind them taking those bricks and throwing them back in the yard,…. It’s exhausting and unnecessary.

It also cuts off and strangles the potential of what it could be or what it’s intended for in a healthy relationship.

You can’t truly love anybody else unless or until you are happy with self, at least to the depth that true love, at its core, was intended for.

Now If you do have security, contentment, and happiness inside of you without having to rely on an external source or “noun” you are then free to love and be loved to its fullest potential without anything else holding you back.

Don’t let the emptiness drive your life. Searching to fill a void that can’t be filled with anything outside of you, because all of those things are a means to a short-term surface happy that is only temporary.

So to be truly happy, pursue the things that can’t be taken from you. Like love, joy, peace, patience, contentment,… let those things drive your life.

Get rid of the negative complaining, bitterness, discontentment, and just let go, let go of trying to control everything, just let go and live.

But when you reach total peace on the inside, then the external things, relationships, possessions, etc. now will add a whole Separate level to life because you’re not always preoccupied with putting out the fires of life that keep you locked in a rut.
Free yourself from worry, fear, anxiety, and just trust that everything is going to be ok.

If anything is holding you back it’s usually your mind and the way you think.

Just remember that your creator has everything under control, close your eyes, Unless your driving – then keep your eyes open, take a deep breath, ask forgiveness for the negativity that’s been dominating your life, make a commitment to follow the path to positivity and strive to spread the goodness that your life was meant for. Give thanks to God the creator and put your complete trust in his son for making it possible to be seen as perfect simply by accepting his gift of grace by putting your faith in him.

And then go and sin no more.

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The God of creation has a set of principles that if you follow them,
good things happen !!!
If you choose to not follow them,
bad things happen that make headline news!!!

It’s a pretty simple concept
& you don’t even have to believe in Him for them to work.

Don’t blame the tools that evil people use to carry out acts of evil,
it’s a heart issue that can only be cured by the original plan for all of us.
& it is found in the manual for life.

If you choose to give God the credit for life AND follow His principles,
then you tap into a power that raises the dead,
gives sight to the blind & fills you with an inner peace
that can’t be taken from you.!!!

I did NOT say follow the rules and man-made regulations of religious obligations
that keep you just as lost & defeated as slavery.

There is a tremendous difference

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Live Today

If you have regrets,
you’re living in yesterday!

If you have worries,
you’re living in tomorrow!

Live in today with its adventures & challenges.
Enjoy the here and now with Love & acceptance.
Breath deep with contentment & let your eyes only see
the things that are positive, good & right.

Develop a blindness for prejudices of all things alive
and that matter for a prosperous existence.

Not a materialistic prosperity but an emotional one.
Fill your barns with love, joy, peace, contentment, patience
and the things that thieves can’t take from you…
that’s the true and lasting prosperity that is free and meant for everyone
to live out this life to the fullest possible meaning of living life,

not just existing in a hopeless empty hole that focusing on material gain offers you.

Yesterday is gone,
Tomorrow does not exist.

With what you have now!!!

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“Mad” is a choice

~ NOTHING ~ Can MAKE you MAD!!!

It is your choice to let circumstances dictate your emotional well being. What has happened, has happened… It does not change facts when you get angry, it just changes your energy from positive to negative. Let go of things you cannot change, & choose to either fix what went “wrong” or move on, & you can accomplish both with a positive attitude and a joyful disposition.

Pluck your fruit from the Tree of Life.

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Do not be Deceived

If you claim to be christian and your focus is drawn more towards the things of this earth and to satisfy the things of the flesh, then the kingdom of god that you have fabricated in your head is only just a figment of your imagination.
What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but loose his very soul.
If you struggle in your life to BE a christian, the problem lies within your own strength… YOU CAN NOT try hard enough or ever be good enough to wear the title that only Yeshua can crown you with. Without His Strength, You will never make it. Let go of your efforts… Fully trust in His grace. & when I say TRUST I’m talking about a trust that crushes the pathetic worthless watered down version that modern day evangelism perpetrates.
You only TRULY trust a parachute the second both feet leave the threshold of an aircraft that is at an altitude greater than your ability to live without it. The true biblical definition of faith is an action that trusts beyond your own capabilities.
Do not be deceived!! A tree is judged by its fruits.
If it is not obvious that your life has the fruits of the spirit of YHWH Himself,..
Work out your salvation with fear and trembling, until it does.
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