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Opportunity presents itself and you stand before the closet of choice.
Fearsome and Boldness hang before you as garments to wrap around and wear this day.
Both are but choices made, constantly shaping your future.

The more you choose one over the other, the more it becomes a part of you as either an excuse to remain in a voluntary prison or a reason to push forward in this conquest we all call LIFE.

Today is the day to take that ragged torn and tattered familiar covering of Fearsome and burn it.!

Now reach into and take ahold of the remaining choice… Boldness,… trembling if you have to… but that is only a familiar habitual broken record that has been planted there by your enemy for the purpose of controlling you to work in her field of mental slavery.

The redemption papers have been signed long ago, and fear only has a grip on your life by the lingering feeling of shackles around your ankles. Those feelings are past lies created by your surroundings and those surroundings are nothing more than walls painted with the mindset of an impossible horizon.

Step with courage into your new LIFE of Boldness,… one step at a time until that becomes your Normal.


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Feelings have some purpose in this life
but relying on them to dictate the outcome of your day is not one of them’!!!

A superior method to anchor your stability on is & always will be Faith,
& implementing that Faith into action.

Mock if you must but there is a guarantee stamped on this one.
& if you’ve “tried it” & “it didn’t work for you”,
then you were sold a cheap generic religious knockoff.

Throw it away and don’t settle for anything less than genuine.!!!
You can be sure of this by the side effects being;
extreme unexplainable peace, inner happiness that follows you everywhere
(even in the “bad” times)…
I don’t believe I need go any further.

You either have it or you don’t.
If you don’t, seek it out until you do!

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Live Today

If you have regrets,
you’re living in yesterday!

If you have worries,
you’re living in tomorrow!

Live in today with its adventures & challenges.
Enjoy the here and now with Love & acceptance.
Breath deep with contentment & let your eyes only see
the things that are positive, good & right.

Develop a blindness for prejudices of all things alive
and that matter for a prosperous existence.

Not a materialistic prosperity but an emotional one.
Fill your barns with love, joy, peace, contentment, patience
and the things that thieves can’t take from you…
that’s the true and lasting prosperity that is free and meant for everyone
to live out this life to the fullest possible meaning of living life,

not just existing in a hopeless empty hole that focusing on material gain offers you.

Yesterday is gone,
Tomorrow does not exist.

With what you have now!!!

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“Mad” is a choice

~ NOTHING ~ Can MAKE you MAD!!!

It is your choice to let circumstances dictate your emotional well being. What has happened, has happened… It does not change facts when you get angry, it just changes your energy from positive to negative. Let go of things you cannot change, & choose to either fix what went “wrong” or move on, & you can accomplish both with a positive attitude and a joyful disposition.

Pluck your fruit from the Tree of Life.

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Live Intentionally

If your life is miserable,.. Be led by your intentions not your instincts… Intentions are pre-planned & instincts are automatic. (Like animals)
Bad habits, actions & reactions were choices (either by you or someone that influenced you) that were practiced until it became your normal behavior pattern but if you reverse the process and practice intentionally good habits, actions & reactions then that choice will, also, eventually lead you to a positively normal behavior pattern. Your life will, then, be worth living.
Choose Life.

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Human Intellect

Believing in God and His ways, is Not acquired by a human intellectual debate… It is by a spiritual transformation infused solely by the Spirit of God…
Those who have not been transformed, will believe it to be foolishness,…
Those who have been transformed, will believe it to be as evident as life…

Nobody knows everything, so you only mock what you have not yet established as true knowledge, and when that knowledge has been put into practice it becomes wisdom, and when wisdom has been rooted it becomes a way of life so deep that death is now embraced as gain. Only then will one understand and experience true intelligence.

The more you cling to your own inferior will, the more God gives you over to a reprobate mind. Think for a moment how much power it took to create the unfathomable universe… Now think how ridiculous it is to fight against that power. God, in His mercy, will still accept the mocker all the way to their very last breath, which, by the way, is not guaranteed past your next one.

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Skepticism (text)

Click Here to watch the video version

Did you know that Skepticism is NOT an excuse,…

There are varying outlooks, but the dictionary defines skeptic as “A tendency to be doubtful or marked by a doubting attitude, tending not to believe or accept things but to question them.”

So in its true sense of the definition, skepticism isn’t a bad thing, in fact, it’s quite logical these days to question the deeper things, especially if it has potential to impact a major change in your life… However… It’s not a good thing to set up shop there or make it a place to stay, as in a final decision.

…it’s a simple mechanism to take caution from an arisen situation, circumstance, some information or a direction. in order to make sure “it” is either true or false.

Skepticism is merely an empty chasm in the middle of a decision that keeps you stuck in between the truth or untruth, that is if you choose to stay there and linger in it.

Absolute certainty is the only substance that will conquer the black hole of skepticism.

Sometimes it will take confrontation, seeking, searching, researching, reading, maybe even a little faith, digging, & getting to the bottom of things but keep from living there, & exhaust every possible avenue until you find the answer.

Oh, and if God is one of the things that you choose to tie on the string of doubt… This is definitely the one you need to get to the bottom of before throwing Him in the pile of nagging uncertainties. Because once you have accepted Him into your house of absolute truth, your life will never be the same.

& if you or anyone you know has “tried” and found God to be non-existent or an empty box of disappointment and frustrations, then I can personally attest to, along with millions of others, that you have found an imposter, keep searching.  Never stop until you find the real one,… because once you find Him, you will know it, the Way, the Truth, and the Life that you are searching for and the rest that have left you empty, angry, blind, miserable, and overwhelmed are and never will be the true God that cares for and created you for purpose.!

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Usually struggling doesn’t even have to do with anything that the day to day issues tend to throw at us, but rather what the unknown cloaks us in. The unknown presents confusion, confusion, if dwelt upon, breads anxiety, entertaining anxieties birth frustrations & when you are treading the waters of frustration it does nothing but wear us down, therefore causing the “struggle”.

STOP! Take a step backwards & reflect on some truths about our reason for life.

For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.
1 Corinthians 14:33

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:6

So if scripture warns us ahead of time that confusion & anxiety are Not of God, then that only leaves one conclusion, and that is to ignore the opposing lie & follow the rest of the instructions both verses have to offer.Notice that “Peace” is a result of both & peace erases the fear of the unknown that causes frustration… No confusion, No anxiety & No frustration, equals No, or minimal struggle.

Making Life better… Live it well.

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A classic misconception to a lack of people skills is, “that’s just the way I am” mentality, rendering their inability to change as a part of life without hope. An endless circle of depravity inside a cage of shallow “auto response” instincts.
Intellectually ignorant or lazy, fear of change, stuck,… call it what you will, but don’t be afraid to face the truth and admit failure, because from there comes victory. Without admission of failure,… you will stay in failure.
Humility may be interpreted as weakness but those interpreting it as such need similar company due to a threat of self confidence in their own lives.
Rise above “NORMAL” and break the chains of complacency.

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Freedom from Fear

Self doubt, negative self talk, a lack of self confidence, & low self esteem are all tools that keep us chained inside the prison of fear, & as long as we are bound by those chains we will continue to reside in that prison.

Although the fear is real, it is also a lie, & a lie can only effect you as long as you believe it.
To escape from this prison, you must first break those chains & to break those chains you must choose to not believe the lies.
It is not what others say or think about you but what you choose to believe about yourself, so take one “thing” that you believe negatively about yourself and choose to believe the opposite, & then fight through the habitual feelings that have rooted themselves in your routine & prove that new “choice” by acting on the new belief by taking a step of faith.
Yes it will be terrifying, but that is the fear fighting against your success. The voices that say “you can’t” are nothing more than an empty echo bouncing off the walls of your self made prison that will never stop until you ignore them & stop believing the lie.
Fear only exists by choice. Choose to break free.

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