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Deceptive Blessings

I hear in the prayers of individuals sometimes that they are thankful for the “abundance” that has been given to them in the form of materialistic gain such as houses, cars, good jobs, boats and so on, but what that does is, under the surface, insinuate that the poor folks or the ones that don’t have any of those objects, are un-blessed… or not as fortunate as you are, and in a way, you inadvertently imply that you are better because of your materialism.

A more level playing field for the thankfulness of abundance is the free stuff that comes from a grateful heart and mindset,… an achievable goal for the rich and poor alike.

If you have joy, peace, gratitude, love, grace, mercy, acceptance, forgiveness, etc. you have the ultimate recipe for true abundance, the stuff that can’t be taken from you or lost in a fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquake or any other natural disaster.

So attaching yourself to and being thankful for the things that CAN be taken or lost, sets you up to be unthankful for your circumstances if or when they are no longer a part of your life. The more unexpected it is taken from you, the more upset or selfish you appear to react to those losses. Like complaining about your loss, or take on the victim mentality. The way you react to loss, shows, to what or where you place your loyalty, hope or trust.


Focus and base your intentional stable existence more on the abundance of your internal, mental, possessions that can’t be taken or lost, and then the reactionary superficial existence will soon fade away, resulting in a more productive and happy all around life.

It often irritates me when the ones who are wealthy with material gain, say “God has really blessed us”, referring to multiple vehicles in the driveway, a big house, a separate vacation cabin out in the woods, boats, 4 wheelers, and all of the other play toys they use to selfishly lavish on themselves as a gauge for God’s blessings.
While on the other hand, some people that have lesser jobs who are struggling to make it from week to week, go to the same churches and gatherings as they do.

Even under your breath say, “well they have the same opportunities as I did to make something of themselves.

The ironic part is that they usually use the services of those same individuals as a means to spend their so-called “blessings” on, like waiters and waitresses and then, give them a skimpy tip if any at all. Then they go thru the Latte line multiple times a day spending $5 to $7 each on a designer coffee.

So before you give God thanks for your selfishness, because it was you that chose to spend your money on things that you can lose at any given moment and can really do without, make sure you are generous towards the less fortunate people you use for other services you take advantage of first,  before you claim God as a validation ticket for your selfishness.


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World View Deceptions

Pack this in the pipe of contemplation and puff until it sinks in!!!

Deception is designed to make you believe that you are not being deceived…
& if deceived you don’t know to seek otherwise, so you blindly walk the path of complacency, fully believing that the conveyor belt heading for destruction is the way to life.

Find the road less traveled.

Abandon the world system of selfishness…

  • “Grab all you can, because you only live once”
  • “Look out for #1”
  • “If it feels good, do it”

These attitudes are on the wide and paved road to ruin.

  • Evolution
  • Atheism
  • False prophets teaching false gods
  • Self-gods
  • Self-defining
  • Seeking out false religions that will tell you what you want to hear
  • Defining your own personal savior
  • Relying on your feelings to dictate your attitude or mood

This list can get pretty long…

There is a narrow road, & few find It that leads to life.
To find it you must give up what you believe to be “yourself”, to actually find your true self. Give up your understanding to gain true wisdom.
It’s a difficult concept to grasp but the most rewarding hidden path you will ever find.
It can’t be proven by intellectual reasoning or your senses of smell, touch, taste, sight & sound.
It goes much deeper & can only be proven by a faith that will dare to abandon those.

It is a supernatural conversion that can’t be explained & When you make that choice, the truth will be revealed, & from that point forward cannot be denied.

If you SEEK Him with your whole heart you WILL find Him.
The Way, the Truth and the Life. No need to look any further.

Live life to the fullest.

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How far would you want me to go to save your life?
If you were eating at a restaurant that was serving poison in its food and I knew it, would you want me to warn you? What if you were upset with me for dissing your favorite place to eat? How far would you want me to go to keep warning you, would you want me to push through your negative perception until you finally believed me even though I couldn’t prove it to you.
Or would you want me to just give up and watch you die?
You may be furious, violent, disrespectful, & speak ill of me, but understand this… if you love & care for someone, you will continue to warn them through the opposition & negative feedback, & do everything in your power to fight for their lives until their very last breath.

If you are feasting off the table inside of this worlds system, you are being slowly poisoned by its lies that will end in death. A death that is permanent & unquenchable, inescapable by any human efforts or any amount of self righteousness. You cannot believe it away, or ignore it out of reality.

If you are born twice here on earth , once by flesh & blood & once by spirit, you will only die once by flesh & blood. If you are only born once here in earth by flesh & blood, you will die twice, once by flesh & blood & once by spirit. It is this second death that you are being warned of, an escapable death by a second birth here and now. Before you breathe your last.

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A classic misconception to a lack of people skills is, “that’s just the way I am” mentality, rendering their inability to change as a part of life without hope. An endless circle of depravity inside a cage of shallow “auto response” instincts.
Intellectually ignorant or lazy, fear of change, stuck,… call it what you will, but don’t be afraid to face the truth and admit failure, because from there comes victory. Without admission of failure,… you will stay in failure.
Humility may be interpreted as weakness but those interpreting it as such need similar company due to a threat of self confidence in their own lives.
Rise above “NORMAL” and break the chains of complacency.

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Freedom from Fear

Self doubt, negative self talk, a lack of self confidence, & low self esteem are all tools that keep us chained inside the prison of fear, & as long as we are bound by those chains we will continue to reside in that prison.

Although the fear is real, it is also a lie, & a lie can only effect you as long as you believe it.
To escape from this prison, you must first break those chains & to break those chains you must choose to not believe the lies.
It is not what others say or think about you but what you choose to believe about yourself, so take one “thing” that you believe negatively about yourself and choose to believe the opposite, & then fight through the habitual feelings that have rooted themselves in your routine & prove that new “choice” by acting on the new belief by taking a step of faith.
Yes it will be terrifying, but that is the fear fighting against your success. The voices that say “you can’t” are nothing more than an empty echo bouncing off the walls of your self made prison that will never stop until you ignore them & stop believing the lie.
Fear only exists by choice. Choose to break free.

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I Am Me

I am not defined by vocation, location, or opinion. I choose to separate myself from where I work, where I live, & the views and judgments of others. We can all rise above the negative influence of others that tend to pull us down into self doubt or depression.
We are all a one of a kind creation of the Creator of the Universe,… Who am I, or anybody else, to define differently?
My purpose is to reflect the uniqueness that I was given, in the light of a life that shines bright with the Love, Joy, and Mercy that was also extended to me by my eternal Father. He not only gave me this life to live, but to live it to the fullest extent and not only here on earth but stretching well into the realm of forever.
Stay thirsty my friends, with a thirst for righteousness.

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The Christian Thing to Do

God does not always DO the “Christian” thing!!!
So to clear things up a bit, if, in one of your thoughts or conversations, you say… “well that’s not “the Christian thing” to do, you may be right in saying that, if you think with a human mindset, & we, as humans, tend to believe our thoughts are better then the ones that don’t share them with us. But trying to pride yourself in supremacy by manipulating a conversation with,.. “that’s not the Christian thing to do”,.. only means that you think you know what God is doing…
Reminder… His ways are higher than your ways..
My suggestion…
Read your Bible, & notice how many times that God does things that appear, up front, to.. Not be “the Christian thing”, Christian is a man made word,. It’s a word that has been taken advantage of for manipulative reasons,.
God is not a Christian,. God is God… let Him be God.
He does not need your help to bring about His ultimate plan.

Take a deep breath, Let it go, Trust, Believe everything is in control, & ask yourself; is what I’m thinking / doing / posting / etc.. promoting…
1. division?
2. unity?

If #1… STOP.
If #2… Carry On.

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Rusty Beliefs

Once you lock your beliefs to a particular noun, the comparisons, in your eyes, are no longer relevant,… it’s always; “well that’s different”,… “ya, but, they did this better”,… blah blah blah…
You will always CHOOSE to find the best in your own convictions & with the ones who share it with you, & also CHOOSE the worst in your opposition and those who believe differently to reinforce your side.

Let’s find a common middle ground, good positive points with everything in your life, both with your strong beliefs & with the beliefs of others, because let’s face it,.. you understand WHY you believe the way that you do, but you obviously DO NOT understand why everyone else believes the way that they do, until you open your mind to actually have an adult conversation with them and, out of genuine curiosity, ask what path has brought them to where they are. Without judgmental sarcastic jabs or argumentative interruptions but rather face to face, two human beings with feelings and emotions that matter. Find what you share alike…
You who claim to be “open minded” 9 times out of 10 prove yourself a liar by displaying your judgmental nonsense that obviously proves the contrary. Check your motives, think for a while first. Stop reacting with your one sided emotions. Promote peace not division.
Instead of trying to shove your own selfish beliefs on your hatred prey, look outside of “you” and challenge yourself to find out why, in a face to face civil conversation, someone thinks the way they do.

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Time Stands Still

THE THINK TANK…  Lets sit in it for a minute…

We all just celebrated the changing over to the new year, “2016”, but has anyone even thought to ask themselves why we do;…

1)…..What happened 2,016 years ago to kick off this numbering system to keep track of the time stamp we all call “years”?

2)…..To take it further yet, why does time go backwards from that point, and the sequence of yearly time numbering go in reverse?

3)…..What happened, that was so significant, that the entire world would recognize an event that would change time, if you will, that leads up to, and starts from this point?

The answer is explained in detail, in a Book of books, the “Holy Word of God”, The Bible. The Old Testament explains the “leading up to” this place in time by prophets, & The New Testament explains the “from this point on” event in the Gospels, by carefully chosen eyewitnesses called disciples, that were taught by “the reason why” Himself. Pick up your copy and read it for yourself. In the process, learn the how and why to live this life He has so graciously given you.
For all you skeptics out there, Picture a group of men contemplating the concept of time tracking through the numbering system and this is what started off the whole meeting… “Hey, I have an idea, lets start a world wide yearly numbering system from this day forward, and backwards…, for no reason at all, that has no significant worth, for something that doesn’t even exist, and for no other reason then, just because, & let it all start today”…. All in favor say “eye”…
P.S. To add more questions to puff in the pipe of contemplation, here is another one for you. What started and why do we still have a 7 day work week?  Why not 4 or 8? This is also answered in the Bible.

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3 Choices

1.    Choose Nothing is eternal.
You can choose to believe that nothing is eternal, witch means, in essence, YOU really don’t exist either, because if nothing was eternal, then nothing, hasn’t even gotten a chance to ever exist at all, because nothing never just, all of a sudden, turns into something. So basically, YOU are just a figment of your own, non existent, imagination. Make sense? Didn’t think so.

2.    Choose Space & Matter is eternal.
You can choose to believe in evolution, which means you believe in “space and matter” being eternal, because, again, something Does Not Just materialize from nothing. It had to have came from somewhere.
This theory portrays that everything in existence today came from a condensed ball of matter, floating around in space that just blew up in a “big bang”, thus, itself, by chance, a fluke mistake of happenstance, evolving everything needed to survive inside of our complex perfectly functioning ecosystem we exist in today, for absolutely no purpose at all.

3.    Choose God is eternal.
You can choose to believe in creation, Which is pretty self explanatory. Where, in this case, “God” is the eternal subject that had/has the power to bring things into, and out of, existence, and is the sustaining life force that makes everything work.

So in conclusion, you can believe in Nothing, thru Nothing, Space & Matter, thru evolution, or God, thru creation. All cases have eternal facets, so if you have chosen to believe in 1 or 2, by default, simply because you can’t rap your head around 1, “something always has been and always will be”, then you are forced to sit and rethink your choice, because no matter what, you have to believe in something existing for eternity, however, numbers 1 & 2 neither make sense or a difference, so it might as well be in the only one that makes, both sense and a difference. Do yourself an enormous favor, Choose Life. Nothing makes sense unless it has a purpose attached to it.
Everything that you possess or own, come in contact with, see, hear, touch, smell, taste, that is “something” has an explanation, “a purpose”,… A cell phone doesn’t make sense unless it has purpose, (calling, texting, surfing, etc). A pencil, (writing). A camera, (capturing pictures). Dirt, (sustaining plant life). Plant life, (supplying oxygen, taking in carbon dioxide). Oxygen, (to supply human life with a sustaining substance). Etc. etc. etc.

If you believe choices 1 or 2. Ask yourself this question…
Why does everything in existence today have a purpose except for existence itself?

Climb inside of that Think Tank for a few minutes, stuff it in the pipe of contemplation and breath deeply.

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