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Dedicated to providing information that just might spark a different point of view or a way of thinking that will help you conquer the next phase of life.

Hi, my name is Richard (Rick) Bartrand, author of the 1Narrow Path, and I know first hand how life can just rip the rug out from underneath you and send you into a tailspin that, seemingly,  just never ends. I have always been determined to find out the answers to the tough questions that, when asked, people just, either give a pat answer for or brush it off as if that question was beneath them. But a simplified or evasive answer just doesn’t satisfy the intellect or extinguish that nagging, never-ending drive to find out the “why” part of it all.

Please browse around the site to see if something here does just that, answer some questions for you. This site is in its larval stage at the moment so there is still a lot of ground to cover, check back on a regular basis, subscribe to the RSS feed for auto updates on the site, bookmark it to your favorites, post a sticky note to your forehead. Or you can just simply ask a question to see if there is something that is rolling around in the back of my head that I haven’t gotten around to posting yet that might answer it.

But never stop searching for the answers, & don’t give up on life before you find them.


FOCUS CIRCLE  Recognize, to Lead, to Teach, to Recognize…

  1. To recognize worldly dependent or codependent people and lead them to their own conscious independence from it. (No longer influenced by worldly circumstances or feelings as before).
  2. To lead them to be spiritually dependent on God alone, (Mindfully giving up will & life to be used by Him).
  3. To teach them to be able to lead themselves and others to the knowledge of a saving faith thru Jesus the Christ.

DEFINING GOALS  Commit, to Change, to Follow, to Teach, Lead & Serve, to Commit…

  1. To commit, through a changed lifestyle, to know the Trinity for who They are, no matter what it takes or costs.
  2. To change the old thinking patterns from wrong, destructive, self-badness or self-goodness to the absolute truth, that only the triune Godhead can provide, found in the whole living word of holy scripture.
  3. To follow the Narrow Pathway, spoken of in scripture, that leads to life.
  4. To teach, lead & serve as many as possible through my time, talents, finances, etc.

Thank you for visiting.

Richard Bartrand


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