Cultural Crimes

01 Apr

When you embrace your “culture”, you, in a way, separate yourself from the bigger picture of humanity.
It seems harmless enough on the surface but let’s look a little deeper.
There is an obvious division in & a separation of skin tones, Reds, Yellows, Blacks, Browns & Whites. We choose to place ourselves in certain “clicks” if you will, Within those skin tones like the different Native reservations, the east side or west side hoods,  the Chinatowns, the rich, middle class, & poor.
Even broken down into occupations like truckers, cops, doctors, or gangs like bikers or streets, then there are genders & generations, countries, states & cities. North, South, East & West.
The actors & bands, employees and employers, republicans, democrats ………  STOP !!!!!!

ANY KIND of separation, even in small amounts has absolutely no value at all because, in the end, it won’t matter anyway. You being a color or a country isn’t going to keep you alive any longer or have any more favor from God.
Do something that does matter, take your skills from your culture & share them with the world through the lens of love, show genuine interest in someone & share your interests with them, instead of talking about yourself all the time, listen to the stories of others. Stop separating & start uniting & embracing differences. Stop looking down on someone because they don’t know what you know, & start sharing what you know.

Open your tiny little world & mix it with thousands of other tiny little worlds to make one big melting pot of connections through a common ground called humanity.

Anything you choose to separate yourself by – is a division of humanity.

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