09 Dec

Opportunity presents itself and you stand before the closet of choice.
Fearsome and Boldness hang before you as garments to wrap around and wear this day.
Both are but choices made, constantly shaping your future.

The more you choose one over the other, the more it becomes a part of you as either an excuse to remain in a voluntary prison or a reason to push forward in this conquest we all call LIFE.

Today is the day to take that ragged torn and tattered familiar covering of Fearsome and burn it.!

Now reach into and take ahold of the remaining choice… Boldness,… trembling if you have to… but that is only a familiar habitual broken record that has been planted there by your enemy for the purpose of controlling you to work in her field of mental slavery.

The redemption papers have been signed long ago, and fear only has a grip on your life by the lingering feeling of shackles around your ankles. Those feelings are past lies created by your surroundings and those surroundings are nothing more than walls painted with the mindset of an impossible horizon.

Step with courage into your new LIFE of Boldness,… one step at a time until that becomes your Normal.


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Posted by on December 9, 2017 in Tid Bits


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