If, The Realm of Hypothetical (Text)

22 Nov

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One tiny word, Two lonely letters that hold a powerful impact on the outcome of implications.

Existing inside of the realm of hypothetical which, unfortunately, some choose to spend most of there time.

Even well-meaning Christians are not exempt from this form of deception, for instance, when speaking to non-believers, they throw in that word “if”, usually followed by the popular cliché saying…

I would rather live as if God did exist than if He didn‘t, because “If” God doesn’t exist, then you can still live a happy, healthy life and not lose anything but “if” He does exist, then you are safe and benefit from that belief so you can go to heaven.

But… do you?

Let’s think about this for a minute…The word “if” itself implies that there is doubt, and a possibility that God does not exist, rendering faith, also, non-existent, in turn, making it impossible to please the God you are throwing into this hypothetical boxing ring.

Now I know the intentions of that saying is to get them to look at it as another means to ponder their eternal destination, but the intent, I believe, does more harm than good simply because you are chipping away at the very foundation of faith itself by giving them the illusion that they can hold onto an empty parachute, filled with the faithless belief in a hypothetical god.

Matthew 5:37 “Let your yes be yes and your no be no”.

In other words,

Live this life, knowing for a fact that there is a God and meditating on the benefits thereof,


contemplate the consequences of not believing that there is and the penalties thereof.

So do yourself and everyone else you try to influence a favor, Stay away from the word “if” when you try to convince someone that there is a God, because “if” implies doubt and doubt doesn’t make the cut on the team of faith, because…

Faith is the “Substance” of things hoped for and the “Evidence” of things unseen, and if you have substance and evidence there is no room for doubt. Rather switch to a firm stance of, There is a God!!! Period… No amount of disbelief will ever make substance/evidence disappear from existence.

To me, there is so much evidence all around us that I find it next to impossible NOT to believe in God.

Romans 1:20 backs me up on that one.

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