World View Deceptions

10 Nov

Pack this in the pipe of contemplation and puff until it sinks in!!!

Deception is designed to make you believe that you are not being deceived…
& if deceived you don’t know to seek otherwise, so you blindly walk the path of complacency, fully believing that the conveyor belt heading for destruction is the way to life.

Find the road less traveled.

Abandon the world system of selfishness…

  • “Grab all you can, because you only live once”
  • “Look out for #1”
  • “If it feels good, do it”

These attitudes are on the wide and paved road to ruin.

  • Evolution
  • Atheism
  • False prophets teaching false gods
  • Self-gods
  • Self-defining
  • Seeking out false religions that will tell you what you want to hear
  • Defining your own personal savior
  • Relying on your feelings to dictate your attitude or mood

This list can get pretty long…

There is a narrow road, & few find It that leads to life.
To find it you must give up what you believe to be “yourself”, to actually find your true self. Give up your understanding to gain true wisdom.
It’s a difficult concept to grasp but the most rewarding hidden path you will ever find.
It can’t be proven by intellectual reasoning or your senses of smell, touch, taste, sight & sound.
It goes much deeper & can only be proven by a faith that will dare to abandon those.

It is a supernatural conversion that can’t be explained & When you make that choice, the truth will be revealed, & from that point forward cannot be denied.

If you SEEK Him with your whole heart you WILL find Him.
The Way, the Truth and the Life. No need to look any further.

Live life to the fullest.

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