Skepticism (text)

19 May

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Did you know that Skepticism is NOT an excuse,…

There are varying outlooks, but the dictionary defines skeptic as “A tendency to be doubtful or marked by a doubting attitude, tending not to believe or accept things but to question them.”

So in its true sense of the definition, skepticism isn’t a bad thing, in fact, it’s quite logical these days to question the deeper things, especially if it has potential to impact a major change in your life… However… It’s not a good thing to set up shop there or make it a place to stay, as in a final decision.

…it’s a simple mechanism to take caution from an arisen situation, circumstance, some information or a direction. in order to make sure “it” is either true or false.

Skepticism is merely an empty chasm in the middle of a decision that keeps you stuck in between the truth or untruth, that is if you choose to stay there and linger in it.

Absolute certainty is the only substance that will conquer the black hole of skepticism.

Sometimes it will take confrontation, seeking, searching, researching, reading, maybe even a little faith, digging, & getting to the bottom of things but keep from living there, & exhaust every possible avenue until you find the answer.

Oh, and if God is one of the things that you choose to tie on the string of doubt… This is definitely the one you need to get to the bottom of before throwing Him in the pile of nagging uncertainties. Because once you have accepted Him into your house of absolute truth, your life will never be the same.

& if you or anyone you know has “tried” and found God to be non-existent or an empty box of disappointment and frustrations, then I can personally attest to, along with millions of others, that you have found an imposter, keep searching.  Never stop until you find the real one,… because once you find Him, you will know it, the Way, the Truth, and the Life that you are searching for and the rest that have left you empty, angry, blind, miserable, and overwhelmed are and never will be the true God that cares for and created you for purpose.!

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